Probate Records

Probate Records are a wonderful source of information. They can give information about a person's adult life— his or her marriage, children and heirs, business affairs, and possessions—and also about his or her death. Because these records are arranged by case number, you will need to consult a Probate Index in order to locate the right file, or Probate Packet.

Consulting the appropriate Probate Index will not only give the number, but might also give other helpful information, including the date of death, heirs and estate distribution, guardianships, and the type of probate action. Indexes are alphabetical by the last name of the deceased or the last name of the main party named, in cases of inheritance or  uardianship appointments.

The Special Collections Center has five Probate indexes available, two on microfilm. Note that each index covers a certain time period, and that while there is some overlap, there might also be some records for certain years that have not yet been filmed.

Please note that the library does not have probate files from 1976 to the present. To search these files, please contact the Scott County Couthouse at 563-326-8648.


Index of Scott County, Iowa Probate and Wills, 1835 – 1928 (SC 977.769 Sco)

This index gives the case number and indicates whether the will is a prowill (the will was  robated and has generated a probate packet) or a codewill (the will was filed at the Scott County Courthouse, but never probated).

Codewill index entries correspond to the last three rolls of the Wills (original), 1838 – Feb 1930 series (LDS film # 1643626 – 1643628)


Scott County, Iowa Probate Index, vol. 1-3 (SC 977.769 Sco)

This index covers the time period between 1900 and August 1, 1900. It gives the case number, the death date (if appropriate), and the type of probate action. The case numbers of this index correspond with both the Probate Packets and the Probated Wills microfilm  eries.


Probate Index, Scott County, Iowa, late 1830s – 1920, vol. 1 – 2 (SC 977.769 Fit)

This index was photocopied from the original file in the Courthouse, and any reference to insanity or unsound mind was deleted. Listed here are the probate numbers, the docket number, the page, the type of probate action, and the death date (if appropriate), or the appointment of a trustee or guardian, or the name of the person from whom the main entry inherited.


Probate Record Card Index, series 1 - 3 (microfilm)

This index was filmed in three series, with the first series being the earliest. These rolls are a reproduction of the actual Probate Record cards, and include the case number, docket, page, and type of probate action. The cards also often include the death date (if applicable), or the executor, guardian, trustee, or attorney.


Probate Index, 1838 - 1962 (microfilm)

This is a reproduction of a book index. It includes the case number, the type of proceedings, the docket and page numbers, and often a few details. These details can include the death date (if appropriate).Note: In case numbers, beginning zeros are important! For example, 0100 is a different number than 100. 0100 is an earlier case.Once you have the probate number, check the Probate Packets (1838-1947) on microfilm for more information. The Probate Packets are in three series. The first series is the main one, and should be used first. The other two series pick up the packets that were missed during the first filming.



We also have Probated Wills from 1926-1994 (#12203 – 59712) on a separate series of microfilm. Only the actual wills are included on this film.